Quality, Production & Design

Design & Engineering
Design of bus body, it's integration with chassis & systems
(e.g., AC, Heating, Electronics, Voice & Data Communication Ventilation, Lighting, Trim & Seating etc.
As per customer needs.)
Weight optimization, Standardization & Modular Design
Alternative Materials
Design Validation & Testing
Design Targets on Quality, Cost & Time
Design for Manufacturing & Assembly.
Supplier Base
Minimum & Reliable Supplier base on Q,C,D,D, MS Parameters (Quality, Cost, Design, Delivery & Management Systems)
Arai & Conformance to Regulatory Requirements
Manufacturing Technology & Systems
Compatible with Design, Customer & Market Requirements
Shot Blasting

Key Customer's Requirements
Bus features Required for global competitive success:

Value for money
Innovative and attractive styling from inside to outside

Passenger & Driver Comfort
Low noise & Vibration, Seating, Soothing Ambiance, AC/Heating, Ventilation, Lighting, Visibility etc.

Driver, Passengers & Pedestrians

Product Quality
Reliable & Durable

Lowest cost Manufacturer

Time to market & Response time (Flexibility & Agility)
Operation, Profitable & Shorter run time




Pretreatment and Priming of Tubes

Tube Bending Roll Forming Bending

Cutting and Stitching Punching and Embossing

Door Welding Lock and Hinge Fitment

Fabrication of Structure Assembly of Structure

Inner and Outer Paneling Final Assembly

Fully Body Painting Structure Mounting on Chassis

Quality Check Shower Test Road Test

Pre-Dispatch Inspection

Vehicle Dispatch


Profile Manufacturing Quality, Production & Design Location Milestones
Azad x10/2014 Luxury Bus School Bus Airport Tarmac Coach OEM Buses STU Special Purpose Buses Export Wing / SKD (kits) Sleeper Coach Private Market Photo Gallery

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